The Family Resources Services  Program is here for you and your family. Whether you need parenting support, basic need items such as diapers, clothing, a birthday present for your child, or need help accessing resources such as utility assistance, rental assistance, healthcare enrollment, or more - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.
Our trained Family Resource Navigators will help you address your needs, think creatively, and work together with you to find solutions.

To schedule an appointment with a Family Resources Services Navigator, please call 360-754-9297 x 377 to leave a message detailing your current situation and someone will get back to you within in 3-5 business days for a phone consultation and/or to schedule an appointment. Please leave your full name, phone number, and a detailed explanation of why you are calling. If you are not sure what services you may need, please contact our Receptionist at 360-754-9297 x 200.

Check Out Our New Housing Diversion Pilot Project

The Diversion Pilot Project is a project to support Thurston County households who are experiencing a housing crisis. If you are couch surfing, unsheltered, living doubled up with others, or facing a possible eviction and have no other place to go, this project can help you. This project is designed to help stabilize your current living situation and prevent you from entering the homeless system.

What assistance does the Diversion Pilot Project offer?

Specifically, the project offers problem solving conversations, advocacy with your landlord or people you are living with, basic needs items, moving assistance; such as, security deposits, first month’s rent, pet deposits, or payment for application fees, assessment for and possible distribution of flexible financial funds, and as needed, Coordinated Entry and assessment.

Do you qualify?

The Housing Diversion Pilot Project is designed to serve all demographics. If you have a family, you qualify. If you are single, you qualify.

Not sure how Housing Diversion Pilot Project can help you?

If you need financial assistance for gas to relocate to a state where you will have stable housing, the Diversion Pilot project can help you.

If you are living with someone and need financial assistance to buy groceries or pay a utility bill to help your stay go smoother, the Diversion Pilot Project can help you.

If you need work shoes, a work uniform, or to renew a license or work permit to maintain employment which in turn helps you stabilize housing, the Diversion Pilot project can help you.

How can I get in contact with the project staff?

You can contact Brittani Pipes, Community Outreach Specialist,  M-F 9:00-5:00. Contact number and email: (360) 995-3414;

The Family Support Center of South Sound is not alone in providing resources to our community.

The Family Support Center of South Sound is not alone in providing resources to our community. The following are some of the additional resources available to families of the South Sound.