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Camp HOPE Washington

The Family Support Center of South Sound was awarded the opportunity to develop and implement the first Camp HOPE in Washington during summer of 2017. Camp HOPE Washington is 1 of 12 Camp HOPE’s in the nation, and is affiliated with Camp HOPE America.

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About Camp HOPE Washington

The Family Support Center of South Sound was awarded the opportunity to develop and establish Washington State’s first Camp HOPE as an affiliated site of Camp HOPE America. Camp HOPE Washington is set to launch in August, 2017 in partnership with 4H Camp at Panhandle Lake. Camp HOPE Washington will follow the curriculum set by Camp HOPE America, with activities and excursions created specifically to suit the Pacific Northwest.

This six-day overnight camp will be available to two age groups, one week for youth ages 7-11 and a second week for 12-17 year olds. The Family Support Center of South Sound’s mission, “Working Together to Strengthen ALL Families” complements the program vision for Camp HOPE by breaking the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to children.

What is the Camp HOPE Program?

Camp HOPE is a trauma informed, secular, evidence-based camp proven to increase hope and resiliency among children who have been exposed to domestic violence and trauma. The Camp HOPE America Program is a values-based, “Challenge by Choice” program with a focus on praising children for observed and developing character traits through the course of a six-day overnight camp program. “Challenge by Choice” refers to challenging children to try new activities and activities with perceived danger or risk while allowing them to opt out of those activities if the challenge creates unmanageable stress or fear. It asks that campers challenge themselves and participate fully in the experience at-hand. The camper is responsible for determining and selecting what kind of participation level presents an optimal learning opportunity.

Evidence-Based Research

With the Camp HOPE America Program, Alliance for HOPE International has focused intensively on the correlations between witnessing domestic violence as a child and juvenile delinquency as well as adult illness, disease, and criminality. The Alliance developed Camp HOPE specifically for children and teens impacted by domestic violence. The University of Oklahoma’s Center of Applied Research for Non-Profit Organizations has hailed Camp HOPE as a “pathway of hope” for children who witness domestic violence (Hellman, Chancellor, 2014). The U.S. Department of Justice, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and many others have recognized the success of Camp HOPE. Most recently, the American Evaluation Association selected Camp HOPE and its research outcomes for special recognition in November 2016 at their national conference.

To download the University of Oklahoma’s 2015 Camp HOPE California Evaluation, click here.

Interested Camper Info

Do you know a camper who would be interested in coming to camp? We are looking campers ages 7-17 who are excited to join us at Camp HOPE Washington during the last two weeks of August! Campers must be ready to experience a week-long overnight camp and be one year out from immediate crisis. Our trauma informed staff and counselors will support campers and their families with their individualized needs to help them feel safe and supported at camp. For more information, contact We look forward to hearing from you!

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Nominations are currently closed as of 7/21/2017.

Camp Counselor Information:

We are seeking volunteer camp counselors between the ages of 18-24 who are interested in working with children and youth. Counselors are asked to make a two week commitment to participate in both camp sessions, and must attend a two day training in early August. For a full Camp HOPE Counselor volunteer description, CLICK HERE. To apply today, CLICK HERE.