Shelter Solutions is a small company that is tired sitting back, helplessly wondering, “what can we do?”

They decided to put their skills to use to come up with ideas, products and strategies to respond to the Increasing homeless challenges we are facing as a city, region, and nation. Rather than just get angry, they decided to do something!  Relying on the skills that have led to a successful business, and, also partnering with subject matter experts from the homeless services community, they have created safe sheltering options for those most in need in our community.

"A zipper on a tent does not provide security or safety. People deserve more!
All of our units are built with metal doors and a lock, along with a bed, power, a window and storage.
Our goal is to provide residents the needed stability and safety we all take for granted.
All of our units are scalable to any site, or need. If you need to move them, great, they are easily moveable."

They have created a safe, durable, customizable and effective sheltering option for wide range of settings – giving people the opportunity to find their success. Find out more about Shelter Solutions by CLICKING HERE!