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What is a Family Justice Center?

A Family Justice Center is the co-location of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work together, in one place, to provide coordinated services to victims of family violence. Family Justice Centers are specifically defined in federal law and have recently been named a "best practice" by the U.S. Department of Justice. Proven outcomes from Family Justice Centers include: increased victim safety, reduced homicides, increased empowerment of victims; decreased fear among victims and their families, increased coordination of services, and reduction in the number of contacts victims need to make to receive services.

The Family Justice Center approach is based on the San Diego Family Justice Center which opened in 2002. This model is similar to the services and practices offered by Children's Justice and Advocacy Centers like the Monarch Children's Justice and Advocacy Center in Lacey.

Why is the Thurston County Family Justice Center needed?

In 2011, almost 4,000 calls from victims of domestic violence and sexual assault were received by Thurston Communications - 911. Many survivors of domestic violence have stated that in order to get help they have had to contact 5-10 separate agencies and in some cases have had to make up to 15 contacts to get appropriate help. Victims need to get help that is safe, confidential, and easily accessible in situations that require help with family law issues and/or situations that involve criminal charges.

Which agencies are partnering in the Thurston County Family Justice Center?

The primary partners in the TCFJC are:

  • Family Support Center of South Sound
  • The Thurston County Clerk
  • The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
  • The Thurston County Sheriff's Office

What services are available at the Thurston County Family Justice Center?

In addition to investigative services, criminal legal services, advocacy and support services, and safety planning, clients who go to the Family Justice Center may receive help with civil protection orders, referrals for civil legal assistance, assistance and referrals for housing, transportation assistance and translation services, if needed.

What are the hours of service?

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Where is the Thurston County Family Justice Center located?

201 Capitol Way, in Olympia, Washington, in the Family Support Center building. This location is one block from the Intercity Transit Station in downtown Olympia.