Help Us Move In, Inc. (HUMI) is an integral part of helping children in Thurston County to escape homelessness. Beginning as part of First United Methodist Church Olympia's annual pledge drive in 2000, this charity has since raised over $200,000,thanks in large part to generous donations made by members of FUMCO.

The brainchild of Burt Sarver, FUMCO member, Burt founded Help Us Move In, Inc. - with the help of his lively wife Ginger and his amazing sister, Ann Meritt - to expand the reach and opportunities to include donors from other faith communities, businesses throughout the state, and many non-profit organizations, big and small. Since its inception, HUMI has helped over 1,300 children and their families escape homelessness.

How was it done? In partnership with the Family Support Center of South Sound, which identifies and provides services to families experiencing housing crisis, HUMI's average cost per child is $153 to move a family HOME.

A gift of $153 will be doubled, so TWO children in need will receive help. Additionally, Out of the Woods shelter, which recently closed, contributed $10,000 toward the cause, which HUMI doubled to offer a $20,000 matching challenge for our community to continue to help children become HOMELESS NO MORE.Donations can be made online or via check to the Family Support Center, memo "homeless no more challenge".